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We have laptop carts and find that the battery on the laptops is not charging enough for all of our needs. Does anyone have any ideas on this? The chargers are attached to the cart and we would like to keep it that way. We bought a few chargers so that we could plug a few in as they are being used, but they are pretty costly. Anyway, I'm looking for a better solution. If anyone has one let me know. Thanks!

Laptop Chargers by dacstechdacstech, 29 Sep 2009 12:22

AS promised here is the code for systematically resetting passwords.


From the domain controller open the command line and type: net user [username] [password] /DOMAIN

My username is: rfasenmyer
For example to reset my password I would type: net user rfasenmyer mylamepassword /DOMAIN

Following this format we create a spreadsheet with the usernames and passwords. From there we build a string for each row of the spreadsheet that recreates the above command. The formula is:

="net user " & [username cell] & " " & [password cell] & " /DOMAIN"
Then use the fill handle to populate all the other rows of the spreadsheet.

We then copy the the generated commands to a text file and rename it to a .bat (batch file) then run the batch file.

Keep an eye on the command line for any errors.

Good Luck,


what kinid of conflict are you experiencing?

E-mail and portable devices policies for students during and after school hours at the physical plant

We have a snap server and its a piece of junk. It was a level 5 RAID and we lost 2 HDDs. Consequently we lost all our data on the system. I'm taking my chances with another appliance from netgear called READYNAS. We bought 3 of them and each will be allocated to backup students, employees, servers. The plan is to make iSCSI targets and use NTBACUP to the drives. The NAS has a usb ports. I will use these ports to attach external HDDs to prepare off-site backups. I think things could be better but I don't have the budget to use better software.

Re: Disaster Recovery Tools by rfasenmyerrfasenmyer, 25 Sep 2009 15:23

At VCHS We use Rotating Mirrored Raid (hot swappable) and symmetrical to live equipment, raid level 1 allows for real time backups and the capacity is identical to the online system.

Does anyone back up onto an external hard drive / snap server? We do but it doesn't work automatically. Is there a script, magic formula, or potion we need? Any ideas would be helpful!!!

Re: Disaster Recovery Tools by dacstechdacstech, 25 Sep 2009 15:19

The link for Dance Mat Typing is:

I use it with 1st through 4th grade and they love it.

Ryan, you are awesome!!!! Love it!

Anyone leveraging server virtualization?

Haven't used it yet, but there is an open source (free) program I am planning to use called Tux Type - needs to be downloaded and installed.
Online there is Dance Mat Typing (not sure of the URL but you can find it with a google search).

Windows 7 is nice and stable. Runs fast. Takes advantage of newer technologies. But it is very different than Windows XP. I would replace Vista machines with Windows 7 without any hesitation, but I'm not sure on Windows XP machines right out of the gate.

Here is my list of online site. Some are more geared to elementary

I would love to purchase Apples but they are so expensive compared to PC.

Windows 7 is a slim down version, you can add what you want to it without extra baggage like Vista

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